Cooking Classes

Please join us for single classes or a series of classes focused on using fresh, local ingredients. Perfect for “locavores” or those looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their own kitchens and meal plans.

All below classes are customizable for
groups of four or more
Please email us for more information and to schedule

Bread without Preservatives

We pull it off the shelf near every time we go to the grocery store, but do we know what is in it? Baking bread is quick and easy when you know the secrets.  Let’s make, bake and eat bread together, learning easy no-fail techniques you will want to repeat regularly at
home.  Each participant makes a self-designed loaf while learning how to create new recipes.

2 hours


Homemade Pasta and Sauces

Create delicious pasta and two delightful savory sauces with seasonal ingredients fresh from the garden. Learn techniques and best practices for sauce and pasta making. Savor your flavorful dishes with our artisan bread.

2 hours


Peanut Butter and Jelly

Rediscover a childhood favorite in this two hour class in which we make bread, jam, and nut butter. Learn to make simple and wholesome meal. Enjoy the meal you made served with chocolate milk and potato chips. Each participant walks away with a jar of the jam they made and confidence they can make the entire meal at home.

2 hours


Egg Rolls and Wonton

Learn the surprisingly simple techniques used to make these favorites of Chinese American food. Use fresh ingredients to make fillings spiced and flavored to your liking. Enjoy your made from scratch Chinese American meal with rice.

2 hours



Create a Spanish dish with a twist in this two hour class. Stuff your empanadas with a variety of fillings made with fresh ingredients and flavored to your taste. Enjoy your meal served with paella.

2 hours


Cinnamon Rolls

Create this sweet treat in a fun hands-on class. Using fresh butter and brown sugar, learn to make tender and delicious rolls. Enjoy the fresh rolls you made and walk away with the confidence to make them at home.

2 hours


Hors d'oeuvres for Dinner

The great thing about hors d’oeuvres is the impressive variety.  Let’s make a meal of an eclectic display of appetizers, complete with refreshments.  Bring a friend to this class or meet someone new; you will have plenty to talk about between rich aromas in the air and bite
sized morsels melting with flavor in your mouth.

2 hours


Macaroni & Cheese

Learn to create a delicious and creamy cheese sauce in this classic appetizer. Make this side dish into an entree by adding toppings. Learn to make this  simple and wholesome meal from beginning to end without any powdered cheese. Enjoy the meal you made and get the confidence that you can make the entire meal at home.

2 hours


Taco Fiesta

Join us for a seasonal spin on a hearty Mexican spread! Warm tortillas, homemade refried beans, meat spiced with fresh herbs and spicy salsa made from fresh vegetables all come together to make a perfect Mexican fiesta.

2 hours


Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Starting from tomatoes and other raw ingredients, make a classic comfort food. Learn to make this  simple and wholesome meal from beginning to end without cracking open a single can. Enjoy the meal you made and get the confidence that you can make the entire meal at home.

2 hours


Pressure Cooking

​Learn fast ways to create fresh and delicious meals for you family. Bring your pressure cooker if you would like, or watch ours in action as we create a delicious sweet and sour chicken, risotto rice, soup and dessert. This class will focus on several techniques to prepare meals in the pressure cooker. We will use both electric and stove top models, and share dinner together.

2 hours


Mozzarella Cheese

Use our quick and simple recipe and techniques to create this soft and delicious cheese. Make fresh mozzarella, using quality ingredients, then learn to kick it up with herbs and spice, and share appetizers with our fresh cheese as the cornerstone cuisine of the night.

2 hours

Three Part Series: Breads, Pasta and Pizza

What could be better than the sweet smell of homemade bread in your kitchen?  Learn no-fail techniques for a variety of breads, pasta and pizza created the way your family will love
to eat them.  In three evenings we explore bread making, variety pasta and pizza baking.  Each evening finale is the meal we create and eat from the technique we learn.

Three Part Series: A Taste of Childhood

Treat your inner child with this series of simple and familiar foods made from scratch. In three sessions we make peanut and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and macaroni and cheese. Each evening finale is the meal we create and eat from the techniques we learn.

Don’t see what you want here? Please ask; we design the class around you.

Cancellation Policy:

We are a small business and depend on each person to honor their promised participation to anticipate our costs for each class. Buying a class is much like buying a concert ticket; if you are not able to attend, please feel free to send someone in your place. We cannot give last minute refunds due to the costs involved in promising a class on our calendar. Thank you for your understanding.