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Locally Grown Menu

We grow most of the produce for our menu right here at the Cannery and tailor the specifics to the season and your event.  It is important to us to use the freshest ingredients available, often picked the same day they are prepared for you.  Give us a call to discuss your seasonal menu for your next event and let us cook from scratch for you!

         The grounds are ready for a beautiful day or evening celebration, including picturesque barns, wide open spaces, gardens and a pond for your guests to enjoy. Come to the Glass Rooster Cannery for your special event or let us bring a farm-to-fork meal to you.  Don’t see what you want here? Please ask; we design the menu around you and your occasion.

Menu Options

3 Soup bar with garden salad and house bread

          – enough to satisfy even the hungriest appetite.

3 kinds of stromboli with 3 seasonal sides

          – made with our signature bread and local ingredients.

Soup and sandwich bar with pasta salad

          – wholesome and delicious with the best ingredients.

3 choices of pasta (seasonally made sauces), garden salad and house bread

          – fresh from the garden sauces.

Pulled pork and pulled chicken buffet with 3 seasonal sides, fresh rolls

          – locally sourced and tender meats.

Baked chicken, macaroni and cheese and 3 seasonal sides, house bread

          – comfort food at its finest.

Traditional and vegetable lasagna with garden salad, bread

          – house-made marinara and salad grown on the farm.

Dessert Bar

Dessert Bar

Fresh noodles

Fresh noodles

Fresh picked

Fresh picked



Garden salad

Garden salad

Various Salsas

Various Salsas

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad

Preparing for a wedding

Preparing for a wedding

Bike race buffet

Bike race buffet

Graduation Party Buffet

Graduation Party Buffet

 Don’t see what you want here? Please ask; we design the menu around you and your occasion.


We offer an array of soups cooked fresh in the Cannery.  Served with homemade bread.

​Chicken and Dumpling 

          -homemade German-style dumplings, chicken and vegetables in a rich broth.


          -made from fresh garden vegetables, herbs and spices.


          -add a fall-off-the-bone chunk of locally grown beef to your soup for extra hearty flavor.

Beef and Mushroom Soup

          -tender beef  and mushrooms in a rich onion-based broth.  Add croutons and Swiss cheese for a gourmet twist on traditional onion soup.

Cowboy Stew

          -ham and homemade egg dumplings gently brewed with carrots, onions and celery for a meal that begs for second helpings.

Corn and Bacon Chowder

          -local corn and fresh cream in a chowder chunky with corn, potatoes and bacon.


Balsamic Vinaigrette Pasta Salad

          -made with plenty of fresh vegetables including broccoli, pepper and olives.  A touch of garlic and spice.

House Cole Slaw

          -house made creamy slaw with a hint of sweet, never sharp or bitter.

Garden Salad

          -made with fresh-cut lettuce, spinach and garden vegetables, served with your choice of dressing.

Apple Waldorf Salad

          -fresh apples, celery and grapes tossed in a light peanut butter dressing.

Fresh Seasonal Veggies  with dip


Fruit Dumpling

          -your choice of apple, cherry or mixed berry.  Made with fresh dough and drizzled with rich brown sugar vanilla syrup.


          -your choice of fruit sweetened with brown sugar and oatmeal topping, served with fresh whipped cream.


          -pecan brownies served with fresh whipped cream.

Warm Cinnamon Roll

          -frosted with butter cream icing.

Have a special request?  Please ask!  We are happy to accommodate special needs and tastes!

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