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Local Sources

We try to keep as much of our business practices locally sourced as possible. This means growing our own fruits and vegetables or getting them through local farmers. Recently, we received a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant that allowed us to begin a program in which we take leftover "ugly" fruits and vegetables from local farmers and create a value-added product of which we give a percentage back to the farmer and the rest goes on our shelves. This reduces food waste and helps local businesses widen the variety of their products. The farms we have worked with include Flying J Farms, Nature Works Best, Granny B's, Sippel Family Farm, 451 Spirits Distillery, and White Barn Organics.

Curious about SARE? Visit their website to learn more!


We want to leave as little a footprint on the environment as possible. Everything we do reflects the concept of being a responsible inhabitant of our planet. We reuse materials in artwork such as our wine bottle glass house, bottle cap art, and yard ornaments made from plates and bowls. All parts of fruits and vegetables that can be used are used and the little food waste that is left goes into our compost to help provide nutrients for future crops. Waste that is no longer functional or usable as art is recycled.

Have any old jars that aren't being used? Up-cycle them through us! Don't let empty jars go to waste; we give donated jars to new canners so the practice can continue.

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