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Mom, read this first

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use this blog making thing from your beloved youngest daughter <3.

1) Write your title and text

The menu page that shows all the blog posts only shows a picture, when the blog was posted, and the title of the blog. Copy and paste does work for this, so if you would prefer to write in a Word doc and then just copy it over, you can totally do that. There is a "save as draft" option if you click the drop down arrow next to "publish" in the top right corner of this page.

2) Choose cover image

This is the picture that will be the first thing people see before clicking into the specific blog post. You can choose this by clicking the "settings" button in the left hand menu, then adding the "display cover image" in the "general" category.

3) Disable commenting (if you want)

In the "settings" section of the left hand menu, under "advanced", there is a toggle labeled "enable commenting". Its default setting is to allow commenting, so if you don't want this feature, you need to turn it off before posting on every post.

4)Add any features you want

Click the + symbol next to the line you are typing on or at the top left of the page to add photos, videos, polls, dividers, and more. You can even add links to events posted on our website like kids' camp (scroll to the bottom of the "Add" page for that option).

5) Assign categories and tags

This isn't strictly necessary right now, but may make it easier for people to find specific posts later. It might be a good idea to hold off in making any new tags or categories until you've made a few posts and we have a better idea of what sorts of things will be consistently written about. It can be found in the left hand menu.

6) SEO

If you want, there is an SEO option in the left menu.

Side notes: (things you may be interested in)

a) Description

You can find this feature in the advanced settings. Don't worry about writing anything for it. If we had a different layout on the menu page it would be relevant. If you want people to see a description before clicking into the post, let me know and I can change it.

b)Schedule Post

If you want to schedule a post to come out on a different day, this is an option. Click the drop down arrow next to the "publish" button in the top right, then click "schedule post". This can be used if you only want your posts to come out on say the 20th of every month, but have a chance to write it earlier in the month and don't want to have to go back in to publish it. It also works well if you will have posts for holidays and occasions. ie. Writing a Christmas post in advance so you don't have to do anything on the holiday itself.


This allows you to write notes to yourself as you write the post. You can only see it on the back end, so you can write things like "add more photos" or "Hannah is my favorite" and nobody will know except the person writing the post. You can find this feature in the top right corner directly under the "publish" button.

d)Add poll

One of the "add" options is a poll. This could be questions that actually change something about the way you operate, or just an opinion poll to engage your audience.

Do you garden bare foot or with shoes?

  • Do mud shoes count?

  • Ew keep those creepy crawlies away from my toes!

  • I don't even go outside, let alone garden!

You can change basically anything about the poll to fit your needs including layout, design, and who can see the results. You can also just tell me what question you want to make a poll of and I can do that part for you.

Who is the best?

  • Hannah

  • Nan

  • Joy

  • Lynn

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