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Visit our garden and purchase canned goods made from our locally grown vegetables


Explore the wide variety of products we carry from delicious canned goods made from locally sourced fruits and vegetables to handmade laundry detergent, soaps, lotion, and more!

Buy canning supplies here!

Arts and Antiques

Where can you find truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art and antiques suitable for gifts to yourself and others?  Looking for the perfect country cabinet? a unique wall hanging?  an antique treasure–but you are just not sure what it is yet?  Visit our Art Barn!  We have preserved this historic corn crib and turned it into an art and antique shop with amazing and fun furniture, accessories and knick-knacks made by local artists.  Looking for a true taste of the country?  Look no further!

Seasonal: Plants & Seeds

We raise our own heirloom vegetables and sell seeds, seedlings, starters and plants for your garden! Vegetables that become tasty ingredients and great items for canning are our specialties. Buy local plants and seeds that will perform well in Central Ohio gardens!

Broccoli: Arcadia, Waltham

Brussel Sprouts: Roodnerf, Falstaff Purple

Cabbage: Green Acre, Frigga Savoy, Red Rock

Hot Peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax, Early Jalapeno, Beaver, Dam, Thai, Cayenne Long Red, Habanero, Poblano, Portugal

Sweet Peppers: King of North Bell, Chocolate Bell, Flavorburst Yellow Bell, Carmen Long, New Ace Bell, Red Beauty Bell, Socrates Bell, California Wonder Bell, Purple, Beauty Bell, Staddon’s Sweet Long

Tomatillo: Verde Puebla


Cherry – Sun Gold, Peacevine, Black,  Snow White

Paste – Bellstar, Opalka, Vilm’s, Roma, Amish, Blue Beech, Grandma Mary’s, Striped Roma, Mr. Fumo

Oxheart – Bull’s heart, Anna Russian, Japanese

Eaters and Beef Steaks- Mortgage Lifter, German Giant, Farmers Monster, German Johnson, Green, Zebra, Rutger, Glacier, Pineapple Bicolor, Pruden’s, Purple, Garden Peach, Black Krim, Pink Brandywine, Cosmonaut Volkov